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  • In this session, we will take a look at how to build an AV system in four steps. For each step we will take a look at what options are available for products and when you may want to use one over the other. Throughout the session, you will receive tips that will help you when designing or installing a system, such as how to determine screen size, what type of cables and quantities to use and more. Whether you are just getting into AV, thinking about it or have been doing AV design and installations for a while, there will be information you will find helpful to do your job.

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  • This class is an introduction of AutoCAD for individuals looking for a first-step into the world of AutoCAD. CAD stands for "Computer Assisted Drafting". Essentially, AutoCAD is one of the many computer software programs that makes CAD possible! As AutoCAD is an industry favorite for performing CAD, many architects, engineers, and contractors seek to have a CAD draftsman available for their construction and design projects. This class will not only give you an introduction to AutoCAD and the CAD world, but will also give you an inside look at best practice for design and drawing creation, quick and easy tips to help you perform at your peak speed, and common examples of real-world CAD circumstances and events that can arise in your day-by-day CAD routines.

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  • This course is an archive of online tutoring done by Eric J Marshall (RCDD, NTS, TECH, and BICSI Installation Program Trainer) with two individuals as they were preparing to take the BICSI RCDD exam. The archive contains 36 hours of training time and other study aids covering in entirety the BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods Manual (TDMM).
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  • This class will give education technology consultants and design engineers a behind-the-scenes look at the design, implementation and operational advantages of an integrated school communications system.
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  • Participants will learn what MasterFormat '04 is, be able to list the divisions within the standard, know how to convert MasterFormat '95 to the new format, understand the value for convergence, and be able to list the areas in a building that need to be converged within the specifications.
    Self enrolment
  • Participants will understand the basic components for Telephone, Paging, Data, T.V., Intrusion, Electronic Access Control, and CCTV systems. They will also learn how to develop an infrastructure that can do all these systems whether traditional, hybrid, or IP.
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